I am Raf Rasenberg. Redeemed, husband, father, and versatile Software Engineer with 5+ years of industry experience.

Tech has given me a lot of opportunities in my career and life. Therefore I hope to teach, help and inspire other people, and hopefully bring you and your career to the next level. I like to empower people and see everyone excel! On this blog you will mostly find me dump my brain and the knowledge that I gather throughout my day-to-day work as an engineer.

Technical background

I have a big passion for cloud, back-end, and anything DevOps related. Building infrastructure with IaC tools, CI/CD pipelines, Kubernetes and serverless, to name a few buzz words. Highly invested in the AWS ecosystem. Big fan of Terraform + Terragrunt.

I focus on delivering high-quality (containerized) -and mostly serverless- software solutions, using clean code methods like TDD, in agile environments.

Aside from being a technical professional, I am someone that values collaboration, relationships and trust above all. Coming from a business background, non-technical communication and the ability to sell, are one of the key differentiating skills that set me apart from the more “traditional” engineer.

Core expertise:

– AWS (3x certified)
– Terraform & Terragrunt
– Python, Django
– JavaScript / TypeScript
– Docker
– CI/CD pipelines

đŸ“§Â Interested in working together? Shoot me a message: hello at rafrasenberg.com