I am Raf Rasenberg, a Dutch 🇳🇱 freelance Web Developer & content creator. I help businesses and start-ups with building out highly efficient web applications using mainly Django & JavaScript.

Back-end and Dev-Ops is where I am the most comfortable and what I enjoy the most! I love to set-up CI/CD pipelines, configure cloud services and servers and I have a big interest in TDD (Test Driven Development).


  • Front-end: HTML, SCSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap
  • Back-end: Python, Django, Flask, PostgreSQL, Redis
  • CMS: Wagtail CMS, WordPress
  • Cloud: AWS, GCP, Heroku, Digital Ocean
  • Dev-Ops: Docker, Git, Gitlab, Travis, Sentry, Pytest
  • Other: Bash, Linux SysAdmin, Nginx, Gunicorn, Supervisor

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Personal interests

Besides my passion for coding I have a big passion for fitness. On my socials I preach about it a lot and I believe that (especially) developers, should be more conscious about the long-term postive effects of staying active and maintaining a healthy work/life balance.