I am Raf Rasenberg, a Dutch 🇳🇱 Software Engineer with 5 years of experience and a big passion for back-end, cloud, and anything DevOps related. Configuring CI/CD pipelines, Kubernetes, serverless and IaC to name a few buzz words.

I focus on delivering high-quality (containerized) software solutions, using clean code methods like TDD in agile environments. Big fan of Linux!

Coming from a business background, non-technical communication and focus on cost-efficient solutions is one my key skills.

Core expertise

  • AWS
  • Python
  • Docker
  • JavaScript/TypeScript
  • Terraform

Have spent a big portion of my career with Django. Worked with Flask and FastAPI. Huge fan of TypeScript. In front-end framework land, I like Vue & Svelte.

Currently working as an software engineer at Monitaur.

Personal interests

Besides my passion for coding I have a big passion for fitness. On my socials I preach about it a lot and I believe that (especially) developers, should be more conscious about the long-term postive effects of staying active and maintaining a healthy work/life balance.